Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

A Naming or Welcome Ceremony is an opportunity to introduce a new child to your circle of loved ones. It truly takes a village to help guide a child as they grow. When parents announce their child’s name in a special ceremony they acknowledge the community has a duty and responsibility to care for all its members and the circle of loved ones acknowledge their wish to be involved in the moment and the child’s life. It’s a meaningful and memorable milestone, which is made more complete by the inclusion of family and friends.

As parents you teach each other how to love through everything; your child teaches you how to love with everything. Celebrate your new child by marking the occasion with a joyous ceremony that can also pay tribute to any siblings, grandparents or loved ones who’ll help raise your child to be a kind and caring person.

Guard parents or sponsors can be chosen by the parents if desired. Your ceremony will be customized to include whatever elements you wish so that it will reflect your values and beliefs, whatever they may be.

You can host your ceremony in your own home, backyard, a hall or anywhere else you can think of – it is your choice! I’m happy to meet to discuss details; email to arrange a consultation. Naming and Welcome ceremonies are happy occasions I look forward to helping you craft the ceremony you desire.

Your ceremony can be a combination of any of the below elements.