Celebrations of Life

Saying goodbye is never easy. Nor should it be. It’s tragic to lose a loved one but it can be beautiful and uplifting to honour the connections they made and the loved ones they left behind. Celebrations of Life and Memorials offer a way to say goodbye and celebrate a loved one in a non-religious manner. A Celebration of Life lets you feel your grief, while also celebrating your loved one’s life in a joyful, inspiring and thoughtful way. Life is a challenge we have to figure out from our experience and our interactions with others. We are all part of this world. We all need each other. We all need to learn from each other. Compassion, empathy and reason are our natural guide to deciding how to live.

Since there is no legal requirement, Celebrations of Life can be held in a variety of places including a funeral home, a hall, your own home or any other place where you feel at ease. Funeral directors deal with the practical arrangements such as completion of necessary paperwork and organization of a wake or viewing, but the type of service and what it includes is entirely up to you.

To prepare for the service, I will meet with the family to gain insight into the person who has passed. This is an opportunity to sit with you in your grief and gently dig into memories and emotions to ensure the service captures the wishes and reflections of those we are celebrating. I can help you capture the unique stories, moments and experiences that defined your loved one. While this is a moment to express sadness at the loss, it is also a time to celebrate a life lived.

I will guide you through the practical process and arrange a fitting service that can include family and friends where appropriate. Perhaps readings, stories or music can create an authentic moment to honour your loved one and the impact they had on this world. The ceremony is led with a professional calm presence to convey warmth and dignity. It’s essential to have sensitivity and respect for your loved one’s beliefs, values and cultural backgrounds, whatever they may be. Thorough planning is provided for your loved ones celebration so that you can focus on what’s important – remembering and healing.

I am empathetic to grief, having gone through it myself and I appreciate the opportunity to help others. I’m happy to meet to discuss details and to hear your loved one’s unique story. Call or email craig@craigmurphy.ca to arrange a session. Celebrations of Life provide an inspiring way to say farewell. I look forward to helping you create the service you desire.