Most people recognize the value of marking major life moments with a special ceremony.

Whether you are celebrating a new child, the joining of two lives or paying tribute to a life that has ended, it’s important to acknowledge the big moments. With a personal ceremony, we create a special time and place to ease our way through life’s phases and to honour all the challenges and triumphs we face along the way.

Your ceremony can be traditional and respectful or fun and casual. It can also be a blending of multiple elements that reflect your needs and vision and the wishes of family or friends. Inspiring and healing ceremonies can be as varied as the people they honour. Ceremonies can be non-religious, yet still provide a personal and meaningful way to pay tribute. Your ceremony is more than one moment in time. The way we commemorate life’s big milestones should help you find meaning in your life long after the event itself.

Providing peace-of-mind is my main goal. Since becoming a Marriage Commissioner in 2011, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many types of groups and I’ve made countless event experiences come to life. I provide full ceremony planning services including guidance, consultations, rehearsals, as well as ceremony music and a customized script. Let me take the role of officiant and facilitator for your celebration so that you can relax and truly experience your ceremony and hold onto memories for years to come.